Technology of PURERON is creative power

MFG Service

MFG Service

I will make full use of the latest equipment and the technology by a special staff, and answer all needs.
We are welding, cleaning, packing, the precision machining, and the measurement in a clean room.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Welding, cleaning and packing in clean room

We are welding, cleaning, packing in a clean room standardized ISO 14644-1Class 1 to 4.
It is the best for parts such as medical equipment, semiconductor-fabrication equipment, and the FPD manufacturing devices.

  • TIG welding (automatic/manual)
  • Micro plasma welding
  • Cleaning(ultrasonic precise cleaning)
  • Clean packing (vacuum double packing)
  • TIG welding (automatic)
    TIG welding (automatic)
  • TIG welding (manual)
    TIG welding (manual)
  • Micro plasma welding
    Micro plasma welding
  • 6-tank ultrasonic washing system
    6-tank ultrasonic washing system
  • Clean packing (vacuum double packing)
    Clean packing (vacuum double packing)

Precision machining

We process minute shape, and three dimensional manufacturing by efficient equipment of the latest 5-axis vertical machining center etc. We process the stainless steel, copper, aluminum and HASTELLOY®, etc.

  • Machining manufacturing
  • NC cutting manufacturing
  • 5-axis vertical machining center
    5-axis vertical machining center
  • NC lathe
    NC lathe


We measure the shape of three dimensions by the unit of 0.1μm or more. We can measure the measurement thing up to 800mm in the maximum height and 800kg in the maximum mass.

  • CNC three-dimensional measurement
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Contour measurement
  • CNC three-dimensional measurement
    CNC three-dimensional measurement