Technology of PURERON is creative power


Environment Policy

Basic Philosophy

  1. We seek for becoming a creative company in flow control industry with innovation & trust!!!
  2. Our basic philosophy is to do the business with the maintenance of the sound global environment to top priority in all company activities.

Basic Policy

  1. We listen to all information from the customer and continuously improve PMS(PURERON MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) for the improvement of reliability and satisfaction rating from customer and ontributes to the global environment.
  2. We observe the relating regulations and other demands that we agree to. And we provide the product and service according to the customer requirement.
  3. We aim at the following achievement as a problem of the environment and the quality management.
    • (1) The offer of quality that satisfies customer demands.
    • (2) The energy-saving measure and the conservation of natural resources by productivity enhancement.
    • (3) Extermination of the toxic substance from manufacturing process and products.
  4. We inform all workers in our company about this policy, and we works to achieve our aim by all members.
  5. This policy opens to the public.

Apr 1st, 2010