Photovoltaic module Pureron Solar's product line up

Polycrystal silicon 156x156mm (6inches) type module (225W ~ 235W)

high efficiency of energy conversion
5,400Pa withstand load against wind and snow
All products are tested by electroluminescence before & after of laminate process.
Designed with avoiding any freeze and / or the other instrument deformation or damage.

  • Electrical characteristic
  • Specification
  • Temperature characteristic
STC(Pmax)Nominal maximum output power 225W 230W 235W
Nominal maximum output Voltage(Vmp) 29.5V 29.8V 30.1V
Nominal maximum output Current(Imp) 7.63A 7.71A 7.81A
Open circuit Voltage(Voc) 36.89V 36.90V 36.95V
Short circuit Current(Isc) 8.22A 8.34A 8.52A
Module conversion efficiency 13.8% 14.1% 14.4%
Operation temperature -40 ~ 85℃ -40 ~ 85℃ -40 ~ 85℃
Maximum system Voltage 1000V DC 1000V DC 1000V DC
Output Tolerance +/-3% +/-3% +/-3%
Certification tuv ul ce

STC (standard test condition):solar irradiance1,000 W/m2、25℃、AM=1.5

Cell type Polycrystal silicon 156 x 156mm(6 inches)
Number of cells 60(6 x 10)
Dimensions 1637 x 995 x 46mm
Weight 19.5kg
Front cover 3.2mm Tempered glass
Frame materials Alumite processing aluminum
Nominal operating cell temperature 47+/-3℃ Voc temperature coefficient -0.34 ~ -0.39%/℃
Pmax temperature coefficient -0.46 ~ -0.53%/℃ Isc temperature coefficient +0.028 ~ +0.069%/℃

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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