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Low Pressure Loss Metal Gas Filter UCD Series

  • SUS316L used for constructional material of filter, realizing high heat resistance with little possibility of corrosion or secondary material generation.
  • Out side pressure loss of ∆0.05MPa when 0.2MPa nitrogen gas (N2) flow pressure applied on IN side realizing 90SLM flow rate.
  • Filtration accuracy 0.003μm checked by CNC counter under constant and pulsation flows realizing significant improvement in yield in sub micron ULSI production.
Filtration Accuracy0.003μm
Recommended Flow Rate 10 to 100ℓ/min(refer to flow rate characteristic curve for each model)
Max. Operating Pressure0.98MPa(142PSIG) at20℃
Max. Allowable Differential Pressure0.7MPa(101.5PSIG) at20℃
Max. Operating Temperature460℃
External Leakage2×10-11Pa・m3/sec or less
MaterialsHousing: SUS316L (Electrochemical polishing) Element: SUS316L Roughness:Rmax0.7μm or less
Joint1/4" Gasket seal, and others

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