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High Accuracy Filtration Low Pressure Loss PTFE Gas Filter STF Series

*STF-4 Series was discontinued manufacture in May 2017.

  • High Efficiency Filtration
    Stable efficiency filtration with two-layer filtration film made of PTFE causing little stretches by aging or vibration. 0.003μm particle capture test conducted by nucleus particle counter for all products.
  • Low Pressure Loss
    High flow rate and low pressure loss by PTFE’s two-layer structure and high hole rate. Much lower pressure loss especially for STF-4 series by large effective filtration area from film laminate structure.
  • High Corrosion Resistance
    Fluorine resin used for element film, element support, O-ring etc., while SUS316L used for housing and every gas contacting part polished to R max 0.5μm and passivation process.
Filtration Accuracy0.003μm
Recommended Flow Rate40 to 300ℓ/min(refer to flow rate characteristic curve for each model)
Max. Operating Pressure0.98MPa(142PSIG)at20℃
Max. Allowable Differential Pressure0.5MPa(72.5PSIG)at20℃
Back Pressure Resistance0.07MPa(10.15PSIG)at20℃
Max. Operating Temperature120℃
External Leakage2×10-11Pa・m3/sec or less
Materials Housing: SUS316L
Roughness: Rmax0.5μm or less
Element: PTFE
O-ring:PTFE(STF-2,3) , Viton(STF-7,8) , except STF-MF1
Element support: PFA (STF-2,3,MF1) , P.P(STF-7,8)
Joint 1/4”(STF-2,3,MF1,7,8,) , 3/8”, 1/2”(STF-3,MF1,7,8) , 3/4” (STF-7,8)
Gasket seal, Compression seal, Straight tube, and others

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ModelA(mm)B(mm) D(mm) E(inch) F(mm) H(mm)
STF-2-02VR・P15.5 53.0 Hex.22 1/4 φ25.4 84.0
STF-2-02SW・P 10.0 53.0 Hex.22 1/4φ25.4 73.0
STF-3-02VR・P15.5 96.0 Hex.27 1/4 φ31.2 127.0
STF-3-02SW・P10.0 96.0 Hex.27 1/4φ31.2 116.0
STF-3-03VR・P 19.0 96.0 Hex.27 3/8 φ31.2 134.0
STF-3-03SW・P 12.0 96.0 Hex.27 3/8 φ31.2 120.0
STF-MF1-02VR・P15.5 96.0 Hex.351/4 φ38.0 127.0
STF-MF1-02SW・P10.0 93.0 Hex.351/4φ38.0 113.0
STF-MF1-03VR・P19.0 89.0 Hex.353/8 φ38.0 127.0
STF-MF1-03SW・P12.0 94.0 Hex.353/8 φ38.0 118.0
STF-MF1-04SW・P12.0 95.0 Hex.351/2 φ38.0 119.0
STF-7-04ST・P 56.2 182.5 - 1/2 φ76.3 294.9
STF-8-04ST・P 48.0 296.0 - 1/2 φ101.6 392.0

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