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Minimal Flow Rate Ultra Compact Ceramic Gas Filter SPC Series

  • Ultra Small / Light Weight
    The SPC series is designed ultra compact (Ф21 x 84mm) and light weight (90g) suitable for small space applications in cylinder cabinet and equipment.
  • High Filtration Accuracy
    High accuracy filtration is achieved by multilayered ceramic element. Zero particle count of 0.003μm is checked by CNC counter for all products before shipment. Low Degas Characteristic
  • Low Degas Characteristic
    Pollution by degas, mainly water from inner wall of filter is causing problems in minimal gas flow and pressure processes. Ceramic filter offers superior degas characteristics compared with all-metal filter due to remarkably lower water absorption.
  • Dead Space Free
    Minimized gas residual space provides better gas replacement performance.
Filtration Accuracy 0.003μm
Recommended Flow Rate 10ℓ/min
Max. Operating Pressure17MPa (2,465PSIG) at20℃
Max. Allowable Differential Pressure 3MPa (435PSIG) at20℃
Max. Continuous Operating Temperature120℃
Baking Temperature200℃
External Leakage2×10-11Pa・m3/sec or less
MaterialsHousing:SUS316L(Electrochemical polishing) Roughness:Rmax0.7μm or less Element: Alumina ceramics(Al2O3) Seal: PTFE
Joint1/4”Gasket seal, Compression seal, and others

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