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Standard Conductance Element SCE series

Leak testing is very important for non-destructive testing.
Especially, Helium leak detectors are used for testing the quality and security of industrial components.
For this leak test, the following components (Helium standard leaks) are required.

  • Permeation type
  • Capillary type Those leaks have the following disadvantages.
  • Temperature dependent
  • Fixed value for each standard leak
  • Long time instability

Pureron’s SCE series is the product which can introduce several gases with Molecular flow condition without interflow from the state of viscous flow into a vacuum chamber. This product can be replaced from conventional standard leaks (Permeation/Capillary) with the following features (Please see below “Features”).
SCE also has the advantages of robustness and non-clogging with Pureron gas filtration (sintered metal) technology.
Using SCE series can achieve more productivity and reliability leak testing.

*SCE is the abbreviation of Standard Conductance Element which means calibrated element of gas flow conductance.

Model SCE-ICF34-01 SCE-ICF34-02 SCE-ICF34-03 SCE-ICF34-04 SCE-ICF34-05
High flow type Mid flow A type Mid flow B type Low flow A type Low flow B type
Molecular flow conductance
(Designed value) (m3/s) 1 ) , 2 )
1×10-9 (N2) 5×10-10 (N2) 1×10-10 (N2) 5×10-11 (N2) 1×10-11 (N2)
The upstream pressure rage condition for met the molecular flow conditions3 ) ≦ 10 kPa ≦ 15 kPa ≦ 20 kPa ≦ 30 kPa ≦ 40 kPa
Flow rate (Pa m3/s) ≦ 1×10-5 (N2) ≦ 7.5×10-6 (N2) ≦ 2×10-6 (N2) ≦ 1.3×10-6 (N2) ≦ 4×10-7 (N2)
Upstream pressure range ≦ 103 kPa
Relative expanded uncertainty4 ) ≦ 9.8 % ( in case of 10kPa upstream pressure )
Repeatability 1 % or less (Inert gas)
Response time5 ) 6 sec or less (Inert gas)
Required downstream pressure ≦ 10-3 Pa
Max. pressure 10 MPa
Operation temp. ≦ 200 °C
Material Conductance element : Stainless sintered metal, Housing : SUS316L
Surface finishes Electro polished (gas contact area)
Fittings ICF34 (other fitting is also available. Please consult to Pureron)

1) Manufacturing accuracy: Molecular flow conductance (Designed value) <±20%(There is ±20% individual product differences)
    Please contact to Pureron if there is your specific accuracy request.
2) This specification is about N2 gas. The other gas is available. Please consult to Pureron.
3) The upstream pressure rage condition for met the molecular flow conditions : The conductance fluctuation is less than 3%.
4) Relative expanded uncertainty : Based on "Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)"
5) Response time:Time to reach less than 2% of the target value.
    *All pressure units is Absolute pressure
    *Flow (Leak) rate(Pa m3/s)=Molecular flow conductance(m3/s) X Upstream pressure (Pa)
      [Example] SCE-ICF34-01 Conductance value (1x10-9)xThe flow rate at upstream pressure 100Pa =1x10-7(Pa・m3/s)(N2)

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  • Introducing various gases with known flow rate is available.
    (Calibration for mixture gases is also available.)
  • Steam leak is available.
  • Temperature dependence is small.
  • Sufficient long-term stability.
  • The proportional characteristics in upstream pressure (inlet pressure), It is possible to support to various flow rate (see graph below).

From Fig1, the flow rate is proportional to the inlet pressure. In case of conductance (Fig2.), you will see that SCE is more stable than capillary type.

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  • Calibration certificate is available

  • AIST* calibration certificate is available as an option.(N2/Ar/He/H2)
  •      *AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

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SCE Series Dimensions

*This product has been developed through joint research with AIST.

Specifications may be subject to change without notice.

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