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Resistivity Transmitter RC-300 Series

  • Cell main unit is designed to be connected with cable through connector, which enables easy installation work free from interference with piping resulting in cost reduction by shortening time.
  • Single-piece construction of cell part, body and external pole, allows no liquid leaks to inside.
  • Transmitter part is smaller in size and lighter in weight compared with existing product and connection through connector enables easy installation at arbitrary location.
Measurement Range 0 to 20MΩ・cm
Accuracy(%FS) ±2%FS
Cell Constant K=0.01cm-1
Excitation (Power Supply) Voltage DC 24V ± 10%
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 85℃(cell part) 0 to 40℃(amplifier part)
Waterproof IP66
Wetting Area Body: SUS316L Insulation: PEEK O-ring: EPDM
Output 4 to 20mA
Standard Cable Length L1: 0.5m (from sensor to transmitter)
L2: 1m (from transmitter)

*Temperature correction circuit is not incorporated, so this product is not suitable for resistivity measurement for fluid whose resistance value changes depending on the temperature condition.

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