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Digital Meter Relay PSD-05D Series

PSD-05D is ultra small digital scaling meter with built-in DC 24V power supply for sensor. Direct pressure display is capable connecting with 3-wire type pressure sensor or two-point comparison output can be detected. Comparison output can be selected at Hi-Hi, Hi-Lo or Lo-Lo.

■Measurement Input

Input Signal Source 0 to 5V output 3-wire type pressure sensor
Input Method Single end input (current is isolated)
Allowable Input 5V
Scaling Method Digital scaling method
Scaling Range Zero point setting range: ±9999
Full scale setting range
(Maximum value of span is ±4000 digits)
A-D Conversion Method Double integral technique with zero correction
NMRR 40dB standard (2.5 times/second, 50/60Hz)
CMRR 80dB standard (2.5 times/second, 50/60Hz)
Measurement Accuracy ±0.1% rdg+0.2 digit/℃ Ta+23℃ ± 5℃ 35 to 85% RM, one year
Temperature Drift ±100ppm rdg+0.2 digit/℃ (Ta 0℃ to 50℃)
Warm-up Time 5 minutes
Sampling Speed 20,Selected and set from one of 10, 5, 2.5, 1 time/second


Number of Displayed Digits ±4 digits displayed (±9999 displayed)
Display Range For the portion of arbitrary 4000 digits within ±9999 display
Display Devices 7 segments red LED, Height of character 8mm
Display Rate Selected and set from one of 20, 10, 5, 2.5, 1, 0.5 time/second
Polarity Display "-" is displayed for minus only
Overflow (Input) Display blinks at Input ≥ +110% FS, Input ≤ -110%
Overflow (display) Display blinks at Display value > +9999, Display value < -9999
Decimal point display Can light up at arbitrary digit by key switch input
Zero Suppress "0" display of upper digits of decimal point display can be suppressed
Last digit [0] fixed display Last digit can be fixed to "0" and displayed by setting


Comparison Value Setting Method Digital setting method by key switch
Comparison Value Setting Range -9999 to +9999 digits
Comparison Value Setting Resolution 1 digit
Hysteresis Setting Range 1 to 9999 digits
Hysteresis Setting Resolution 1 digit
Comparison Method Comparison output: CNT1 and CNT2 can be set individually
CNT1 and CNT2 can be set to [H] or [L] separately
Hysteresis can be set for CNT1 and CNT2 separately
Comparison Operation (For setting H) relay is turned ON at measurement value ≥ setting value of CNT1, 2
(For setting L) relay is turned ON at measurement value ≤ setting value of CNT1, 2
Contact Capacity Type of contact: 1 make contact (a contact)
DC 30V / 2A, AC 125V / 0.5A (resistance load)
Lifetime of contact: 100,000 times or more (DC30V 2A resistance load)

■Rating / General Specification

Supplied Voltage DC 24V±15%
Power Consumption 3.2W or less
Power Supply Output for Sensor DC 24V±10%,30mA max
Backup Memory Nonvolatile memory (EEPROM) rewritable number: 10,000,000 times Memory capacity 40 years can be stored
Operation Temperature 0 to 55℃
Operation Relative Humidity 35 to 85%RH
Storage Temperature -20 to 70℃
Withstand Voltage 1500V AC one minute
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ or more (initial value)
Between input and power supply, between terminal collectively and case
Noise Resistance Normal / common mode power supply noise ± 1000V (startup 1nsec, pulse width 1µsec ± polarity)
Oscillation Resistance 10 to 55Hz, single amplitude 0.75mm each direction of X, Y, Z, two hours
Impact Resistance 30G each direction of X, Y, Z, three times each
Weight Approximately 62g
I/O Terminal Terminal block for connecting strip wire (screw M3)
Case Made of plastic mold

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