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Digital Strain Gauge Meter PSD-02B Series

Digital strain gauge meter PSD-02Bis digital indicator designed for Pureron pressure sensor PC-302, 501 and 601 series. It is small size and lightweight 3-3/4 digit (3999) display equipped with two contact high-low limit comparative output as standard. Isolated circuit design between power and signal enables high noise resistance in case of multiple indicator drive with one power supply.

  • Ultra small(24mm x 48mm) and lightweight (80g). Comparison setting by two contact high-low limit available
  • High brightness 8mm height LED (red)
  • Full display capability such as 3,000psi with 3-3/4 digit display
  • Floating input isolated from power supply (DC 24V)
  • High accuracy output detection by combination with Pureron pressure sensor PC-302/501/601 series

■General Specification

Adaptation SensorStrain gauge type various transducers
Sensor Applied VoltageDC 2.5V±1% 25mA or less
Zero Adjustment Range±4.0mV/V(front face)
Span Adjustment RangeInput range of 10 mV/V to 160 mV/V can be displayed in full scale(3000) by rear face multi rotation trimmer(rear face)
Accuracy0.1% F.S ±1 digit display 3001 or more is the output specification
Reference Voltage for Calibration10 mV/V(terminal of upper connector is switched)
DisplayLED(light-emitting diode) number element, height of character 8mm(red)
Display Range0 to ±3999
Sampling Speed2.5 times/second
Decimal PointCan be set at arbitrary position by display part stud pin
Zero Point Drift0.02% F.S/℃ or less
Gain Drift0.02% rdg/℃ or less
External HoldNegative signal or contact signal of 0V(short)
Operation MethodDouble integral technique
Noise Rejection RatioNMR40dB, TYP(50/60Hz)
Operating Temperature & Humidity0 to 50℃/35 to 85%RH(no dew condensation)
Power SupplyDC19 to 29V, between power supply and COM, isolation
Power ConsumptionApproximately 1W
External Dimensions 48mm(W)×24mm(H)×87mm(D)
WeightApproximately 80g
AccessoryHigher and lower connectors
Withstand VoltageBetween power supply terminal and COM DC500V, one minute
Insulation ResistanceBetween power supply terminal and COM DC500V, 100MΩ or more

■Analog Output

Output Voltage1mV/digit(3V MAX)
Accuracy0.5%F.S (23℃±5℃)
Load Resistance5KΩ or more

■Higher and Lower Limit Two-Stage Comparison (Analog Comparison)

Comparison Setting Range-1000 to 1500 for both of higher and lower limits, 0 to +3000(internal switching)
Setting MethodSwitched by slide switch on front face. Set by multi rotation trimmer potention meter
Comparison OutputRelay output for both of Hi and Lo
a contact, b contact, COM contact load capability / DC24V 1A
AC120V 0.5A
Comparison Operation ConditionAt Hi or Lo, red LED lights up
Comparison ConditionHi: display value ≥ higher limit setting value, Lo: display value ≤ lower limit setting value
Setting error ± 3 digit

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