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Digital Strain Gauge Meter PSD-01B Series

  • High visuality and brightness large LED (character height approximately 20mm)
  • Easy setting by flexible operable jog lever

■Input Specification

Sensor Power Supply Zero Adjustment Range Span Adjustment Range Selection Range Accuracy(23℃±5℃,35 to 85%RH)
5V-1 to +1mV/V 1 to 3mV/V +20mV/V ±(0.1% of FS+2digit)

*Accuracy when sampling speed is approximately 20 times/second or less
*Sensor power supply depending on parameter

Max. Resolution 0.5μV/digit(sensor power supply 5V)
Sensor Power Supply 5V±5% (30mA)
Application Sensor 350Ω

■General Specification

●Measurement Part

Operation Method ∆Σ conversion method
Sampling Speed Max. approximately 1,000 times/second
Noise Rejection Ratio NMR 50dB or more(50/60Hz)
Display Range 9999
Display Red/green 7 segment display(height of character: approximately 20mm)
Polarity Display "-" is automatically displayed when the calculation result is minus
Over Range Warning OVER or –OVER for input signal of display range or more
Zero Display Leading zero suppress
Decimal Point Can be set at arbitrary position
Operating Temperature & Humidity 0 to 50℃/35 to 85%RH (no dew condensation)
(no dew condensation) -10 to 70℃/60%RH or less
Power Supply Voltage AC power supply unit: AC 100 to 240V ± 10%
Power Consumption Approximately 8VA / approximately 7W (DC power supply) at maximum load (AC power supply)
External Dimensions 96mm(W)×48mm(H)×97.5mm(D)
Weight Approximately 450g
Withstanding Voltage (AC Power Supply) Between power supply terminal / input terminal / each output terminal AC 1500V one minute
Withstanding Voltage (Common) Between each terminal of case AC 1500V one minute
Insulation Resistance Between terminals above DC 500V 100MΩ or more
Accessory Instruction manual

■Comparison Output Specification

●Common Specification

Range of Current and Voltage Judgment Result
Measurement value > higher limit judgment value HI
Measurement value > higher limit judgment value GO
Lower limit judgment value > measurement value LO
Judgment Value Setting Range -9999 to 9999
Hysteresis 1 to 999 digits can be set for each judgment value
Comparison Condition Depends on sampling speed

●Relay Contact Output

Quantity of Contact Relay contact x3
Contact Rating AC 250V 2A, DC 30V 2A(resistance load)

●External Control

Start / Hold Hold by S/H terminal, COM terminal, short circuit or same electric potential, start by release or 5V
Digital Zero Digital zero function is turned ON by DZ terminal, COM terminal, short circuit or same electric potential
Peak Hold Peak hold function is turned ON by PH terminal, COM terminal, short circuit or same electric potential
Relay Reset Relay reset function is turned ON by R.RESET terminal, COM terminal, short circuit or same electric potential
Comparison Pattern Setting 8 patterns can be switched by COM terminal, control between P.SEL 0 and 2

●Analog Output(PWM)

Output Specification Type Load Resistance Accuracy (23℃±5℃,
35 to 85%RH)
0 to 1V 10KΩ or more ±(0.5% of FS) 50mVp-p
0 to 10V
1-5 V
4 to 20mA 550Ω or less 25mVp-p
Conversion Method PWM Conversion Method
Resolution Equivalent to 13 bit
Scaling Digital scaling
Response Speed Approximately 0.5 second(10%→90%)

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