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Molecular Flow Controller PMFC-100 Series

Molecular flow controller (PMFC-100) with “Standard Conductance Element” (Separately sold parts) can introduce various gases (known controlled gas flow rate (very low flow rate)) into your vacuum chamber.
About “Standard Conductance Element” (SCE series)
SCE (Standard Conductance Element) is a gas introducing element which is made of porous sintered stainless steel metal. Even if relatively higher pressure gas is introduced into this SCE, the gas flow satisfies a molecular flow condition because of a very small porous diameter of sintered metal character itself. This carries the following features

  • Introducing various gases (including mixed gas) with known flow rate (very low flow rate) are available.
  • Flow rate is a proportional to a primary pressure.
  • Flow rate can be controlled (Conductance is constant with a primary pressure).
  • Small temperature dependence.

To introduce gas flow rate quantitatively, Molecular flow conductance value is needed. This value (Molecular Flow Conductance value) is calibrated as traceable value to NMIJ* ’s national standard.

*National Metrology Institute of Japan

■PMFC-100 unit

Upstream pressure range≦ 103 kPa
Flow rate accuracy
(uncertainty)1 )
≦9.8 % (upstream pressure at 10 kPa)
RepeatabilityLess than 1 %(Inert gas)
Response time2 )Less than 6sec(Inert gas)
Required downstream pressure≦ 10-3 Pa
Max. operating pressure200 kPa
Max. operating temperaturePMFC-100 : 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, Pressure sensor : 0℃~70℃ SCE:≦ 200 ℃
Leak rate≦ 3×10-12 Pa m3/s (He)
SCE mounting orientationNone
Signal outDC 0~10V FS
"SCE pressure(0~SCE pressure setting value)" , "Support container (0~344.7kPa)" and "SCE temperature(0~1300℃)" are selectable.
Power supply voltageAC 100V
Gas contact material and Seal materialGas contact material (piping) : SUS316L
Valve : Stainless steel 316L(body), seat (PCTFT/PFA/PI)
Surface finishes
(gas contact area)
Electrolytic polishing
Standard fitting3 )Standard Conductance Element(SCE) : ICF34

1) Flow rate accuracy (uncertainty): Based on the "uncertainty of expression guide in the measurement (Guide GUM)"
2) Response time: time to reach less than 2% of the target value
3) Standard fitting is ICF34. Please consult us about the other fitting.
*All pressure units are absolute.

■Standard Conductance Element(SCE) ※Not included with PMFC-100

Model SCE-ICF34-01 SCE-ICF34-02 SCE-ICF34-03 SCE-ICF34-04 SCE-ICF34-05
High flow type Mid flow A type Mid flow B type Low flow A type Low flow B type
Molecular flow conductance
(Design value) (m3/s)1 ) 、2 )
1×10-9 (N2) 5×10-10 (N2) 1×10-10 (N2) 5×10-11 (N2) 1×10-11 (N2)
Pressure range to keep
Molecular flow conditions3 )
≦ 10 kPa ≦ 15 kPa ≦ 20 kPa ≦ 30 kPa ≦ 40 kPa
Flow range (Pa m3/s) ≦ 1×10-5 (N2) ≦ 7.5×10-6 (N2) ≦ 2×10-6 (N2) ≦ 1.3×10-6 (N2) ≦ 4×10-7 (N2)

1) Manufacturing accuracy: molecular flow conductance (design value) <± 20% (there is product individual difference of ;± 20%)
    Can be adjusted to your request accuracy. For more information, please contact us.
2) The above specifications are based on N2 gas. The other gas is also available.
3) Pressure range to keep Molecular flow conditions: Variation of the conductance value within 3%

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Out gas quantitative evaluation measurement from a test peace using TDS (Thermal desorption spectroscopy).
 »Calibrating of quadrupole mass spectrometer (QMS) at on site using calibration gases (H2, H2O, CO, N2, CO2) calibrated by SCE.
PMFC-100 Unit Piping diagram -example-

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  • Quantitative evaluation with TDS(Thermal desorption spectroscopy)
    ⇒ Calibrating Mass spectrometer quantitatively by introducing known each gas(H2/H2O/CO/N2/CO2) with PMFC-100.
  • Ultra-high vacuum Cryopump performance evaluation test (management of ultra-high vacuum & maintenance)
    ⇒ Using PMFC-100, various known gas (H2 / N2 / Ar / CH4) was introduced into the vacuum chamber, evaluating the pumping speed with respect to the gas volume.
  • Barrier film performance evaluation for organic EL(Performance deterioration due to oxidation (water vapor and/or oxygen) of the organic EL.)
    ⇒ Calibrating Mass spectrometer quantitatively by water vaper introduced by PMFC-100

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PMFC-100 unit (SCE is not included)
PMFC-100 unit
[ About pressure sensor option ]
  • Pressure sensor is required to measure a flow rate. Please select your required pressure range.
  • PMFC-100 unit has two channel input connectors. (Ex. In case of 1pc pressure sensor -> PMFC-1000-04, In case of 2pcs pressure sensor -> PMFC-100-0402).
  • Please prepare one and/or two pcs pressure sensor (0-10VDC signal-out) at your site, if you do not order it.
  • Signal-out connector of PMFC-100 is only one channel. Please select a proper signal-out channel at a setting when two channel pressure sensors are install.ed.
This product has been developed through joint research with AIST.

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