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Filter Cartridge for Medicinal Solution PLF-τ Series

  • Filter Cartridge for Medicinal Solution PLF-τ Series
  • No material extracted with every element heat-deposited. Low pressure loss and high flow rate by wide area of pleated film.
  • Superior efficiency of ultra fine submicron filtration and long life.


  • Fine filtration for ultra pure water, solvent for electronics
  • Fine filtration for acid / alkali solution
  • Fine filtration for plating solution, etching solution
  • Fine filtration for photo engraving solution, developing solution
MaterialFilter media: Teflon®PTFE
Core: polypropylene
Media Support: polypropylene
End cap: polypropylene
Gasket: EPDM, NBR, polyethylene, silicon, Viton, and others (Please consult us.)
Effective Filtration Area 0.6m2
Filtration Accuracy 0.07μm,0.1μm,0.2μm,0.5μm,1μm
Size Total length:5inch(125mm),10inch(250mm),20inch(500mm),30inch(750mm) Internal Diameter:Φ26mm External Diameter:Φ69mm
Max. Operating Temperature90℃ or less(purified water)
Max. Operating Pressure0.4MPa(25℃)

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