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Gasket Type Gas Filter(Hybrid Fileter) PGH/PGT Series

  • Compact Design
    Disk type and Corn type are available. Hybrid filter series can be installed in the face seal fitting as a gasket.

  • Cost Reduction
    This filer has two function of filtration and gasket. And there is no need to extra work for the installation.

  • High pressure and high temperature resistance
    For a stainless steel material (Nickel gasket is available on PGH series), the products support a high temperature and high pressure(PGTseries).
SeriesPGH Series (Disk type)PGT Series (Corn type)
Filtration Accuracy0.3μm, 1μm0.3μm, 0.5μm
Recommended Flow Rate~100ℓ/min~50ℓ/min
Max. Operating Pressure0.98MPa-
Max. Allowable Differential Pressure-In→Out:9.0MPa
Max. Operating Temperature400℃400℃
MaterialsGasket:SUS316L or Nickel, Filter & Retainer:SUS316LElement, Gasket and Retainer:SUS316L
Support Joint1/4", 3/8"(1/2") Gasket seal/UJR faceseal fitting1/4" Gasket seal/UJR face seal fitting

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