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Plastic Filter Housing PFH Series

  • PFH series is low cost small capacity plastic filter housing for easy attachment.
  • Simple, easy-to-use and robust design available with sizes 125L (5"), 250L(10") and 500L (20") depending on length of cartridge filtering media.
  • Various housing materials available, high purity PP, reinforced PP, AS resin and reinforced nylon for desired applications, superior in chemical resistance, transparent for easy management, high temperature or high pressure.
  • Various filtration supported by combination of cartridge filtering media.
Model NamePFH-PP
(High purity PP)
(Transparent Type)
(High temperature / High pressure)
Material Head High purity polypropyleneReinforced polypropylene Reinforced nylon
Cylinder High purity polypropyleneAS resinReinforced nylon
O-ring * Refer to ordering method * Refer to ordering method * Refer to ordering method
Operating Temperature 55℃ or less 55℃ or less 70℃ or less
Max. Withstanding Pressure(25℃) 0.5MPa 0.5MPa 0.7MPa
Length 10" 20" 5" 10" 10"
Bore Diameter of Mouth Rc3/4" Rc1/2" Rc3/4" Rc3/4"
Size(mm)Width 136 120 136 137
Height 342 590 182 319 318
Weight (Main Unit) 1.0kg 1.4kg 0.6kg 1.1kg 1.4kg
CharacteristicPure PP, semi transparent, substitute of fluorine resin Transparent cylinderFor high temperature and high pressure, alkali resistance, solvent resistance
Acid / alkali solution, plating solution, etching solution, face lotion, medical water, highly purified water etc. industrial water, washing water etc. Alkali solution, soluble oil, vegetable oil etc.

(Note) 1. Figuration of end cap of filtering media to be set is DOE (Double Open End) flat gasket type.
2. Target fluids above are listed as indication. For the detailed content, please contact us.
* The specification and external appearance may be changed for improvement without notice.

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