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Digital Micro Differential Pressure Gauge PCZ-300 Series

PCZ-300 series is high performance micro differential pressure gauge measurable from minimal pressure at 25Pa. By adopting flow sensor instead of diaphragm for pressure-sensing part, superior repeat accuracy is achieved without affected by mounting orientation. And there is no concern over zero drift.

  • Measurable from minimal pressure at 25Pa.
  • High accuracy low pressure area measurement by adopting flow sensing methodological principle. No zero drift.
  • Indicator built-in design suitable for on-site monitoring of air-conditioning, semiconductor facilities or equipment.
  • Bright and viewable large LED display (9999) used, relay contact (two-point) as standard.
Pressure Range Model 25P 100P
Pa 0 to 25 0 to 100
mmH2O 0 to 2.5 0 to 10.0
Part that Contact Gas (Liquid) Glass (nitride silicon, oxide silicon), PPS, PEEK, FR4
Measurement Media Air,N2 (for other gas, please contact us)
Accuracy ±1%FS + 2digit
Breaking Pressure 0.2MPa
Excitation (Power Supply) Voltage DC 24V ± 10% or AC 100V ±10%
Storage Temperature -10℃ to 70℃
Guaranteed Temperature 0℃ to 50℃
Temperature Drift 0.02%FS/℃
Warm-up Period Approximately 1 minute
Display 4 digits LED display (height of character 20mm), normal green display is automatically switched to red display when relay is output
Pressure Port 3/16 inch (inner diameter) hose is connected
Comparator Output Relay contact x2 output
Display Unit Pa,KPa,㎜H2O

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