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Pressure Sensor / Temperature Sensor Combination Series PCT-300 Series

PCT-300 series contributes to high accuracy measurement and reduction in installation man-hour by combining pressure and temperature sensors in one body.

  • Simultaneous pressure and temperature sensing at same point.
  • Platinum Pt100Ω JIS A class used for temperature sensor.
  • Reduction in installation time for piping.
ModelGauge Pressure (can be measured from vacuum)Absolute Pressure
300KPG 500KPG 1MPG 300KPG 40A 70A
PSI0 to 43.50 to 72.50 to 1450 to 217.50 to 43.50 to 72.5
KPa 0 to 3000 to 5000 to 1,0000 to 1,5000 to 3000 to 500
torr----0 to 3,0100 to 4,510
Model 302 304 305
Excitation (Power Supply) Voltage DC 5V (max 6V) DC 12 to 26V
Storage Temperature
(at no power distribution)
-57℃ to 93℃
(High temperature type -57℃ to 120℃)
-40℃ to 85℃
Guaranteed Temperature -1 to 71℃ 0 to 70℃
Output Signal DC 40±15mV 4 to 20mA DC 0 to 5V
Overload Pressure Full Scale×2
Temperature Drift 0.05%FS/℃
Gas (Fluid) Contacting Area SUS316L
Joint 1/4" Gasket seal, Compression seal

Temperature Sensor part

Temperature Sensor partPt100Ω(standerd value of 0℃)
Class (Accuracy)JIS A class(±0.15℃ + 0.002ltl)
Conductive Wire Type3-wire method (standard) or 4-wire method (option)
Specified Current2mA
Connection Cable LengthCan be adjusted arbitrarily

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