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Ultra High Temperature (300℃) Pressure Sensor PCH-1000 Series

  • Object media temperature measurable up to 300℃ (250℃ ambient).
  • Oil-less (No oils such as silicon oil used)
  • Signal output selectable either 4 to 20mA or 0 to 5V (with external amplifier).
  • SUS316L used for gas (fluid) contacting area (HASTELLOY® used for diaphragm).
  • Various joint types available.
  • For both of PCH-1004/1005, output reference can be set to vacuum (-100KPa) (Specify when you order).
Model   Gauge Pressure
Pressure Range kgf/cm2 0 to 3.0590 to 5.0980 to 10.19
PSI 0 to 43.50 to 72.50 to 145

* Output reference can be set to vacuum (-100KPa) as option. Specify when you order.

Accuracy (% Full Scale)±1%
Overload PressureFull Scale×2
Excitation (Power Supply) VoltageDC 24V±10%
Storage Temperature -10℃ to 300℃(ambient temperature: -10 to 250℃) (no power distribution)
Guaranteed Temperature0℃ to 250℃(ambient temperature: 0℃ to 200℃)
Temperature Drift±0.05% FS/℃
External Leakage2×10-11Pa・m3/sec
Gas (Fluid) Contacting AreaBody: SUS316L (electrochemical polishing)
Diaphragm part: HASTELLOY® material
Joint1/4"(Standard),3/8",1/2" Gasket seal(Standard), Compression seal, and others
Model 1004 1005
Signal Output4 to 20mA0 to 5V

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