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Pressure Transmitter with Indicator PCD-905 Series

PCD-905 series is high accuracy pressure sensor with indicator having superior temperature characteristic. SUS316L is used for gas (fluid) contacting area for superior corrosion resistance. Output is 0 to 5V to be connected with various programmable controllers.

  • High Accuracy / High Reliability
    High accuracy and high reliability with 0.25% maximum deviation from best fit line affected by linearity, hysteresis repeatability.
  • Bright and Eye-Friendly LED Display
    3-1/2-digit 9.4mm height large character display used.
  • Output
    Output is 0 to 5V to be connected with various programmable controllers.
Model Gauge Pressure
KPa 300KPG 500KPG 1MPG 1.5MPG 20MPG
Pressure Range kgf/cm2 0 to 3.059 0 to 5.098 0 to 10.19 0 to 15.29 0 to 203.9
PSI 0 to 43.5 0 to 72.5 0 to 145 0 to 217.5 0 to 2,900
Accuracy (% Full Scale) ±0.5% ±0.25%

■Sensor Part

Overload PressureFull Scale×2
Excitation (Power Supply) Voltage DC 12 to 26V
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 85℃(no power distribution)
Guaranteed Temperature0℃ to 40℃
Temperature Drift±0.05% FS/℃
Signal Output0 to 5V
External Leakage2×10-11Pa・m3/sec
Gas (Fluid) Contacting AreaSUS316L
Joint1/4" Gasket seal, Compression seal
Height of Character9.4mm
Character ColorRed
Displayed Digits3-1/2 digits (1999)
Accuracy±2 count
Material of CaseFront Panel:ABS Rear case: aluminum
Comparison OutputAccuracy:±5digit
Range of comparison setting:50 to 1999
Open collector output:max DC 26V 30mA

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