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Pressure Sensors for IGS PC Series

  • High Accuracy
    High accuracy within ±0.25% or less with linearity, hysteresis and repeatability all considered. Pressure detection also available (Pressure range 100G or higher ).
  • Wide Variation
    C- Seal / H1G-Seal / W- Seal types available (1.125 inch types are also available for C-seal and W-seal).
  • Wide Temperature Range
    Wide temperature range operations applicable by temperature insensitive structural design.
Seal TypeSupply Voltage Output 1.5"Type 1.125"Type
C-SealDC 5V (6V max) 0-100mV (0-50mV) PC-302 SEK PC-302 SIE
DC 24V 4-20mA PC-304 SEK PC-304 SIE
DC 24V 0-5V PC-305 SEK PC-305 SIE
H1G-Seal DC 5V (6V max) 0-100mV (0-50mV) PC-302 SHK -
DC 24V 4-20mA PC-304 SHK -
DC 24V 0-5V PC-305 SHK -
W-Seal DC 5V (6V max) 0-100mV (0-50mV) PC-302 SFK PC-302 SIE
DC 24V 4-20mA PC-304 SFK PC-304 SIE
DC 24V 0-5V PC-305 SFK PC-305 SIE

Common Specification

Model   Gauge Pressure(G)
PSI 25G 50G 100G 200G
Pressure Range KPa 0 to 172.4 0 to 344.7 0 to 689.5 0 to 1,379
Accuracy 0.5%FS 0.25%FS
Gas Contact Material SUS316L
Breaking Pressure Full Scale × 5
Overload Pressure Full Scale× 2
External Leakage 2×10-11Pa・m3/sec or less
Temperature Drift 0.05%FS/℃

Series Specification

Model 302 *1 304 *2 305 *2
Signal Output 0 to 100mV(100G or more)
0 to 50mV(25G/50G)
4 to 20mA 0 to 5V
Storage Temperature Range
(No Power Distribution)
-57℃ to 93℃ -40℃ to 85℃
Temperature Compensation Range -1℃ to 71℃ 0℃ to 70℃
Span 100mV ±15mV
50mV ±15mV
16mA ±0.16mA 5V ± 0.5V
Offset 0mV ±10mV 4mA ±0.4mA 0V ±0.1mV

*1:PC-302 can be coupled. *2:For PC-304/PC-305, output reference can be set to vacuum (-100KPa) (Specify when you order).

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