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HASTELLOY® Pressure Sensor for Corrosive Special Gas PC-601 Series

In semiconductor production processes, various halogen series reactive and corrosive special gases are used such as HBr and HCI. These gases generate corrosive product by reacting with small amount of water attached to inner surface of stainless steel of pressure sensor or gas filter used in gas supply piping system. This corrosive product generates particle and causes process contamination of semiconductor process. Pureron has developed PC-601 series pressure sensor for corrosive special gas application using HASTELLOY® which has far superior corrosion resistance than stainless steel SUS316L.

  • High Corrosion Resistance
    HASTELLOY® having far superior corrosion resistance than stainless steel SUS316L against the halogen series reactive, corrosive special gases such as HBr and HCI used for gas contacting area. Electrochemical polishing also applied effective against corrosive special gas.
  • High Accuracy / High Reliability
    High accuracy and high reliability with 0.25% maximum deviation from best fit line affected by linearity, hysteresis repeatability.
  • Wide Measurement Range
    Wide pressure range available; gauge pressure 0 to 172.4KPa (1.76kgf/cm2) to 20,684KPa (210kgf/cm2), absolute pressure from 0 to 2,586 torr.
  • Long Lifetime
    Cycle duration test, 1,000,000 times or more, conducted in each range.
Model Gauge Pressure*Absolute Pressure
PSI 25G 50G 100G 200G 500G 3000G 15A 25A 50A
Pressure Range KPa 0 to 172.4 0 to 344.7 0 to 689.5 0 to 1,378.9 0 to 3,447.3 0 to 20,684 0 to 103.4 0 to 172.4 0 to 344.7
kgf/cm2 0 to 1.76 0 to 3.52 0 to 7.03 0 to 14.06 0 to 35.16 0 to 210.9 - - -
torr --- - - - 0 to 776 0 to 1,293 0 to 2,586
Accuracy (% Full Scale) ±0.5% ±0.25% ±0.5%

* Gauge pressure type applicable for coupled usage.

Overload PressureFull Scale×2
Excitation (Power Supply) VoltageDC 5V(MAX 6V)
Storage Temperature -20℃ to 93℃(no power distribution)
Guaranteed Temperature-1℃ to 71℃
Temperature Drift±0.05% FS/℃
Signal Output100mV (20mV/V) *50mV (10mV/V) for 25G/50G
Span100mV±15mV *50mV±15mV for 25G/50G
External Leakage2×10-11Pa・m3/sec
Gas (Fluid) Contacting AreaHASTELLOY®
Joint 1/4" Gasket seal, Compression seal,and others

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