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High Accuracy Pressure Sensor PC-302 Series

PC-302 series is high accuracy pressure sensor of ±0.25% at full scale. Gauge or absolute pressure types are available with high temperature option. Dedicated digital panel meter (Lo/Hi 2-stage digital strain gauge meter) is available as display device.

  • Wide Range of Measurement
    Variety of pressure range from 172KPa to 20,684KPa.
  • High Accuracy
    High accuracy pressure detection 0.25% or less with linearity, hysteresis and repeatability all included (100PSIG or more).
  • Wide Temperature Range
    Temperature insensitive design for strain gauge detecting pressure allowing wide temperature range operation. Temperature range expandable by selecting high temperature option.
  • High Corrosion Resistance
    Electrochemical polished SUS316L used for gas contacting area realizing high corrosion resistance against various corrosive medias.
  • Long Lifetime
    Robust construction, pressure detecting diaphragm processed with sensor body.
Model Gauge Pressure*Absolute Pressure
PSI 25G 50G 100G 200G 500G 3000G 15A 25A 50A
Pressure Range KPa 0 to 172.4 0 to 344.7 0 to 689.5 0 to 1,378.9 0 to 3,447.3 0 to 20,684 0 to 103.4 0 to 172.4 0 to 344.7
kgf/cm2 0 to 1.76 0 to 3.52 0 to 7.03 0 to 14.06 0 to 35.16 0 to 210.9 - - -
torr --- - - - 0 to 776 0 to 1,293 0 to 2,586
Accuracy (% Full Scale) ±0.5% ±0.25% ±0.5%

* Gauge pressure type applicable for coupled usage.

Overload PressureFull Scale×2
Excitation (Power Supply) VoltageDC 5V(MAX 6V)
Storage Temperature -57℃ to 93℃(High temperature option: -57 to 120℃)(no power distribution)
Guaranteed Temperature-1℃ to 71℃
Temperature Drift±0.05% FS/℃
Signal Output100mV (20mV/V) *50mV (10mV/V) for 25G/50G
Span100mV±15mV *50mV±15mV for 25G/50G
External Leakage2×10-11Pa・m3/sec
Gas (Fluid) Contacting AreaBody: SUS316L (electrochemical polishing)
Diaphragm part:SUS316L
Joint1/4" Gasket seal, Compression seal,and others

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