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Jacket Heater for Small Gas Purifier GCW Series

GCW series jacket heater for small gas purifier is specifically developed for efficient heating.

  • High purifier heating temperature up to 400°C
  • Just fit in size by dedicated design
  • No dust generation by polyester cloth exterior package
  • Easy operation by combination with FBC (temperature controller) series
Model 05 1 2 5 10 20
Capacitance AC 100V 80W AC 100V 100W AC 100V 100W AC 100V 200W AC 100V 360W AC 100V 200W
Rated Resistance Value 125Ω(±10%) 100Ω(±10%) 100Ω(±10%) 50Ω(±10%) 27.8Ω(±10%) 50Ω(±10%)
Heater NCHW-2
Max. Allowable Temperature 450℃
Material Inner Package Glass cloth A335T
External Package Polyester cloth EL-7950
Heat Insulation Super glass mat SGM
Division Attached by hook and loop fastener
Power SupplyCable Made of Teflon
Sensor K thermo couple glass dupe
A: Total Length (mm) 84 84 122 160 224 318
B:External Diameter(mm) φ70 φ82 φ82 φ95 φ95 φ107

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