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Jacket Heater for Gas Filter FBR Series

Jacket heater FBR series for gas filter baking is epochal product baking filter at high temperature of 200°C.

  • Easily detachable from filter
  • 200°C baking possible
  • Safety design with heating-proof interlock and breaking detection in controller unit
  • Easy setting of temperature and time etc. by remote controllable digital controller unit
  • Space saving thin and light weight heater design.

N2 purge alone is not effective once metallic surface or element in filter absorb water in the air. With H2O or O2 existing in atmosphere, pollution or corrosion is generated by reactive materials in filter or process chamber by reaction with water at room temperature. In order to desorb water or other degas materials, baking at 200°C or higher is most effective. Pureron’s epochal development realized baking filter at 200°C and degas amount (amount of water) at 1.2ppb by APIMS measurement.

Max. Operating Temperature 200℃
Power Supply AC100V
Power Consumption 60W to 100W(0.6A to 1A)
Max. Heating Time 100Hrs(digital setting)
Temperature Adjustment PID control(digital setting)
System Configuration Heater unit and controller unit
Accessory Power supply cord, relay cord
Option Multi channel scan type controller, other option is applicable.

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Model External Diameter A(mm) Internal Diameter B(mm) Length C(mm)
FBR-2 60.0 43.0 80.0
FBR-3 60.0 43.0 50.0
FBR-5 50.0 30.0 50.0

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