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Digital Flow Switch DFS3 Series

  • Variety of Models: Wide range of applications is supported with three body materials, resin, metal or stainless and two detection methods, magnetic or iron piece proximity. Flow rate can be set from low to high range (0.2 to 120L/min) by adding option.
  • Visual Flow Check: Rotor movement can be checked through transparent window (except DFS3-1500/2500). Maintenance such as cleaning is easy with removable rotor cap without disassembling piping.
  • High Responsiveness: Relay operates in 500ms and output indication turns red at the same time after flow rate falls under setting level.
  • Easy Flow Rate Setting: Flow rate can be indicated in digital display and operation from remote location is easy in combination use with digital flow meter DFM2 series.
  • Orientation Free Installation: There is no restriction to flow direction of fluid with rotor rotating method applied. So there is no restriction to installation orientation.
  • Open Collector Output Added: Power relay output capacity for warning is improved to drive heavy load. Open collector output is added to respond to minimal load of programmable controller etc.
Flow Rate Low Flow Rate Medium Flow Rate High Flow Rate
Flow Rate Range0.2 to 2.5ℓ/min Flow rate range A: 0.5 to 5L/min,
Flow rate range B: 2.5 to 25L/min
12 to 120ℓ/min
Body MaterialResin Resin (standard type) Metal Stainless Metal Stainless
Main Unit MaterialPolyacetal
(glass included)
(glass included)
(nickel plating)
(nickel plating)
Detection MethodMagnetic proximity / iron proximity Magnetic proximity / iron proximity Magnetic proximity
ModelDFS3-1002/5002 DFS3-1000/5000 DFS3-1200 DFS-1500 DFS3-2000 DFS3-2500
Used FluidWater
Connection Bore DiameterRc 3/8 Rc 3/4
Pressure Range0 to 0.7MPa
Withstanding Pressure1MPa
Ambient Temperature0 to 50℃ (no dew condensation)
Fluid Temperature0 to 70℃ (no dew condensation)
Reading Accuracy ±20% FS ±5% FS
Hysteresis5% or less 7% or less
Warning Output Response TimeApproximately 500ms
Attachment DirectionFree
Attachment DirectionBoth directions
Number of Output Points1c contact relay output x1 point or open collector output 2 points (OUT-HIGH, OUT-LOW 1 each)
Rated Power SupplyDC 24V or AC 100V

Note) Be sure to use product within specified flow rate range. Values in table are those measured by tap water as fluid (20°C). Flow rate range varies depending on viscosity of fluid measured.

Electrical Specification (Common)

Power Supply Voltage DC 24V or AC 100V AC 100V
Allowable Voltage Range ±10% (absolute maximum rating DC 30V) ±10%
Power Consumption700mW or less 3VA or less
Cable VCTF 8 cores 0.3mm2 1m Power Supply:VCTF 3 cores(0.5mm2) 1m
Signal: VCTF 5 cores(0.5mm2) 1m
Frequency Output Method Photo coupler output
Max. Allowable Voltage DC 50V
Load Current 4mA or less (output remaining voltage 0.5V or less)

Output Specification / Open Collector Output

Method Photo coupler x2 (OUT-HIGH, OUT-LOW)
OUT-HIGH: ON when the flow rate is setting value or more
OUT-LOW: ON when the flow rate is setting value or less
Max. Allowable Voltage DC 50V
Load Current 10mA (output remaining voltage 0.8V or less)

Output Specification / Relay Output

Contact Structure 1c×1(relay is driven when the flow rate becomes setting value or less)
Rating Control Capacity
(at resistance load)
DC 30V 5A/AC 250V 5A
Max. Allowable Electric Power
(at resistance load)
Max. Allowable Voltage DC 125V/AC 300V
Max. Conducting Current 5A
Min. Adapted Load DC 5V 10mA
Insulation Resistance Between Contacts DC 500V for insulation resistance type 1000MΩ or more
Withstanding Voltage Between Contacts AC 1000V / 1 minute
Electrical Lifetime 100,000 times or more (rated load / opening and closing frequency 30 times/minute)

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Relevant Part (Part for Resin Body of DFS3-1000/5000)

Piping Adapter Set (for prevention of DFS3-1000/5000 port crack)
Model DF-AP
Content Piping adapter 2 pieces
O-ring for sealing (P-10A) 2 pieces
Low Flow Rate Piping Adapter Set (set to convert the medium flow rate type of DFS3-1000/5000 to low flow rate specification)
Model DF-FW2
Content Piping adapter 1 piece
Low flow rate piping adapter 1 piece
Low flow rate nozzle 1 piece
O-ring for sealing (P-10A) 2 pieces
O-ring for nozzle (1AS-6) 1 piece

Note) For DFS3-1200/1500, please contact us.

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